Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Poster and Text Page

Final limited edition screenprint in the Universal Electronic Vacuum suite is the Poster:

This, and the other UEV screenprints, were printed by Kelpra Studio.  Editions Alecto, which had published the As Is When (1965) and Moonstrips Empire News (1967) suites, also produced a version of this poster.  This was in a lithographed edition of 4,000, unsigned, unnumbered and unstamped.  Image/paper size for this item is 903 mm x 565 mm whereas the limited edition prints are 1000 mm x 675 mm.  The lithographed version is shown below:
The June 1968 issue of Studio International carried an ad by American Art Posters offering a 940cms x 635cms version of the poster, signed $25, unsigned $5.
The suite also includes a text page:

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