Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Petersburg Press

As Is When, Moonstrips Empire News and General Dynamic F.U.N. had all been published by Editions Alecto.  Alecto’s co-founder, Paul Cornwall-Jones left to set up Petersburg Press in 1968 and ZEEP was one its first great issues.  Paolozzi, however, returned to Alecto for the publication of the subsequent print series, The Conditional Probability Machine (1970) and Cloud Atomic Laboratory 1971.
Petersburg Press published some of the very best print media contemporary art of the late Sixties/early Seventies, notably by: 

Richard Hamilton (I’m Dreaming of a Black Christmas; Release)

Marcel Duchamp (The Ocultist Witnesses)

David Hockney (Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm)

Patrick Caulfield (Some Poems of Jules Laforgue)

Jim Dine (The Picture of Dorian Gray; Five Paintbrushes)

Frank Stella (Multi Coloured Squares; Jaspers Dilemma)

James Rosenquist (F-111)

Dieter Roth (Six Piccadillies)

Next Z.E.E.P. print is Will the Future Ruler of the Earth come from the Ranks of the Insects:

Four of the panels from this print featured in the very successful cover design for Diane Kirkpatrick's 1970 book,  Eduardo Paolozzi. 

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