Thursday, 22 September 2016

For an aesthetic tea-time

As previously noted, Paolozzi often derived pattern from prosaic sources, for example the chequers on the Abba Zaba wrapper.  I could easily imagine his finding a pattern that inspired him on items of every-day crockery.  So it’s pleasing that his patterns have from time to time found their way onto tableware.  My thoughts on this have been prompted by the availability recently on eBay of this Rosenthal limited edition plate from 1984:

Courtesy of sconejamcream 

Possibly an appropriate plate on which to serve Mr Corbyn a smoked salmon and lobster on hand-made, organic, artisan wholegrain, sandwich? 

More recently Royal Doulton offered a terrific range of crockery featuring pure Paolozzi pattern in sumptuous saturated colours:
Courtesy of Royal Doulton 

I have some of this and it looks good as well as being nicely made.  Items from residual stocks are still available, for example from China Chaps:

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