Sunday, 3 August 2014

Pretty Polly – ah yes, in ’64 nylons were still an everyday thrill

Parrot is the seventh print in the Suite.  An aluminium sculpture was completed in the same year:


In the print, a figurative representation is suggested, but is not clear.  Maybe the triangles and curves refer to parts of the bird’s anatomy – especially perhaps the head/beak/wings/feathers.  Alternatively, look at it as two similar ‘creatures’, each with a triangular head and corrugated body, side by side, in repeated existence, ‘parrot fashion’ – thus the object of a concern with language as much as with a ‘picture’. . . such an interpretation being in tune with the quotation at the top of the print: 

What I give is the morphology of an expression.  I show that it has kinds of uses of which you had not dreamed.  In philosophy one feels forced to look at a concept in a certain way.  What I do is to suggest, or even invent, other ways of looking at it.  I suggest possibilities of which you had not previously thought.  You thought that there was one possibility, or only two at most.  But I made you think of others.  Furthermore, I made you see that it was absurd to expect the concept to conform to those narrow possibilities.  Thus your mental cramp is relieved, and you are free to look around the field of use of the expression and to describe the different kinds of use of it.

Here’s the print in two colour variations:




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