Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The sun is out again

I have been thinking some more about Artificial Sun. 

Language exists to convey thought.  In putting the two words artificial and sun into juxtaposition Paolozzi obliges us to think about more than look at the image to which he gave this title.  Certainly, we are not presented with a cue to an object or concept that could exist – the creation, other by nature, of something embodying the scale of energy we associate with our Sun, is beyond any possibilities of technology we can envisage. 

After an exhaustive consideration of what might be meant by the image and the title, perhaps, like me, you will be happy that you simply like the image in its own right.  That in itself is a Wittgensteinian position:  When he was first under the wing of Bertrand Russell (1911/12) he expressed a belief that something of beauty should not be spoiled by arguments, (explanation).  In Ray Monk’s Duty of Genius this is recorded so nicely thus: He would feel as if he were dirtying a flower with muddy hands.
Meanwhile, here is a further colour variation of this print:

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